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Study of the Earth Checkpoint The purpose of this checkpoint is to identify Earth’s four subsystems, how they interact with one another, and to identify a resource from each subsystem that people depend on. The four subsystems of the Earth are the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere. The atmosphere consists of the gases that surround the Earth. The hydrosphere is Earths water forms, both above and below the ground. The biosphere is the Earth’s living organisms and the dead organisms that decompose into the Earth’s other systems. The lithosphere is the ground and rock layer of the Earth’s surface. All the subsystems interact with one another; water in the hydrosphere nourishes the biosphere, seeps into the lithosphere and the Earth’s underground water system, and evaporates into the atmosphere.
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Unformatted text preview: The air in the atmosphere provides oxygen for the biosphere and replenishes the water in the hydrosphere. When organisms in the biosphere die and decompose, they release gases back into the atmosphere and nutrients into the lithosphere. When rocks in the lithosphere erode, minerals in the form of salts are released into the hydrosphere and plants in the biosphere use nutrients contained in the lithosphere. There are many resources in each system that people depend on. The atmosphere provides oxygen that is used by organisms. The hydrosphere is the water on the Earth that the survival of living things is dependent on. The lithosphere contains soil that people depend on to grow food resources. The biosphere contains other living organisms that people depend on, plants and animals for food....
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