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When I am writing I follow the steps in the writing process except for making a draft for the most part. I normally writing it and keep reviewing it as I go and make changes as I go so it all flows together. The easiest steps are coming up with ideas to do a subject but for me even though I come up with an idea the getting started can be the hardest because even though I have the ideas I tend to over think ideas and have a hard time on how to do it as in getting it started and how I want to write it. The other step I don’t normally do if make a draft I can see where it may
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Unformatted text preview: help with some writing but when it is something short I normally skip that part because it seems like a waste of time. The main obstacle with me is over thinking I need to look at my assignment read it and just do it without letting 50 thousand ways of doing it keep running threw my head and just slow down and just start doing it. Maybe in that way a draft copy may help me I am not sure....
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