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The benefits of an enterprise system are you can have a fast communication line to make fast decisions based on the most recent information, being able to track and send orders, follow assembly and production throughout the company, making customers aware of the product and to identify customers to sell the product, manage your financial accounts, pay creditors, manage your accounts, hiring employee’s and job performance evaluations, backing up and storing information of all sorts for future records and I’m sure the list can go on. The challenges for an enterprise system would be implementing it at the start of the business for you specific needs and finding or designing the software you would need to operate smoothly
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Unformatted text preview: for the specific areas you need. The training of the employee’s and managers to function effectively, the initial cost of implanting it. The overall demand on the system to not overdo it. An organization would want an enterprise system to keep track of information needed to make informed decisions keep track of inventory and employees, store information and so on to run in a more effective manor so as to increase productivity lower costs in production and distribution and to allow for fast and reliable communicate threw out the company....
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