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The three dimensions to business problems are there organization, people and technology. For organizations the process of implementing its business processes to influence employee’s behavior, product development, order filling, and hiring of employee’s to accomplish the necessary work. The people is making sure you have the necessary people to perform the tasks need to get the outcome witch you desire. They will need training and varied qualifications to perform adequately within the company. This goes for manual labor, management, and upper management. The technology, the hardware and software needed to perform the tasks to get the company
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Unformatted text preview: moving or keep it up to date. These can include the purchase costs, maintains and storage of the equipment. The difference in what IT (Information Technology) and information systems is that IT consists of the hardware and the software that a company needs to achieve its objective and accomplish its business goals. The information system is the interaction of people, process, and the data to perform the processes needed in businesses. The processes in the information system can consist of increasing efficiency, and productivity buy going over the information collected and seeing were there can be improvements....
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