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COM-130 Final Project Proposal I am proposing to write my final project on the career as a web developer. My background with computers is basic; research on the internet, checking email, and shopping are my average online activities. I like computers and want to learn more about how to make the pages that I visit each day, this is what made me decide to pursue an education in this field. Elements of the career I will be focusing on include the opportunities for employment in the field, with established companies or freelance.
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Unformatted text preview: The salary or pay for jobs in the field will be covered. What the requirements are to enter the field? Such as, what type of formal education is necessary for entry level and above. I want to delve into what this job description is and what the options are for one trained in web development. The biggest benefit to me will be the flexibility of scheduling. Being able to work for myself and complete projects and have happy clients is my dream for this job....
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