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I am reviewing product tags from a pair of shorts that I am returning and have the original tags attached. There are multiple tags on this item; the first tag is a product price tag. On one side is the manufacturers information, it contains the company name, logo, original trademark, and a quality statement. This tag does not appear to break any copyright laws, if it were to be a photocopy then I think there could be a possible infringement and the trademark is clearly stated. The other side of the tag contains store name, size information, UPC code, store department information, the item description, and price. This is a standard preprinted price tag and does not appear to break any copyright or trademark laws.
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Unformatted text preview: The second tag is a manufacturer’s garment tag, stating the item is handcrafted and that each piece is different from the next. This is an express warranty that the product has a specific feature. The only way that I see this warranty coming into question would be if someone were to find two identical items. There are no other express warranties on the item; however, there is an implied warranty that the item will be free of manufacturer’s defects. There are no manuals that go along with this product, only the product tags. This item does not have any defects and is being returned because of size. I can not think of any instances that liability law would be looked into regarding this item....
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