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com130 wk1 dq1 - document is written for the intended...

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Successful technical writers will possess many different skills. Good interviewing skills allow the writer to obtain complete, honest, and accurate information for the document which is being researched. It is essential that the correct information is conveyed to the audience appropriately to ensure the successful operation of a product or satisfaction of a customer. Keeping information and research organized is another important skill. Organizing information effectively can be the difference between the audience understanding and being able to use the information provided to them, or being confused and not sure where to start. Having good organizational skills also makes the process of writing easier; being able to quickly locate reference materials saves time and the frustration of having to search. Writing skills are necessary for a technical writer. It is important that each
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Unformatted text preview: document is written for the intended audience, with wording that is easily understood. Use of appropriate tone for the audience or type of document is needed to convey information effectively. Technical writers must be aware of the reader’s skill level in relation to the material to be able to provide a final product that is easy to comprehend and follow. Good grammar skills are essential to writing well, correct spelling and proper use of punctuation help to avoid misunderstanding the information. Having good writing skills is most vital to my success as a technical writer. I must be able to deliver information to my intended audience effectively and I think that good grammar and writing skills are necessary to do so. A poorly written document creates confusion and the response received is not what was intended or required....
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