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com130 wk1 dq2 - from legal action against them Copyright...

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The first ethical principle to follow is honesty, a technical writer is responsible to report or interpret information accurately, without withholding facts, exaggerating details or allowing personal beliefs or bias to sway the content of information. Complete and clear information is needed to provide the audience an accurate and complete source of information. During research a writer needs to interpret material and choose what is relevant based on the criteria of the project and the needs of the client. Excluding information from research or omission of details can affect the final outcome; relevance is not based on the beliefs or opinions of the writer or sources. Legality is the principle that should guide technical writers. It is important to have knowledge of all four areas where legal issues could arise, to protect oneself or clients
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Unformatted text preview: from legal action against them. Copyright law protects the writer or author of work published or not from being used by others without permission or compensation. Trademark law protects a company name or logo from being used without authorization. Contract law pertains to products living up to manufacturers claims. Manufacturers issue warranties with products, there are two types, express and implied. An express warranty is a written statement defining product features or functions. Implied warranties have nothing written; the features or functions are automatically implied. Liability law is important because it places the product instructions or manuals as a part of the product itself. These materials must adhere to guidelines; errors in these could result in product-liability action....
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