com130 wk3 Checkpoint - Visio

com130 wk3 Checkpoint - Visio - with the purpose of your...

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VISUAL MATERIALS Prepare visuals to clarify and emphasize your oral report. Visual materials may include: Chalkboards Flip Charts Posters of Tables Charts Drawings Handout Sheets Exhibits of Models or Equipment Slides Filmstrips Transparencies Computer Projections PLANNING VISUALS While planning visual materials consider these factors: Room or auditorium size, use visuals that everyone in your venue will see. Kind of people in your audience, (employers, employees, potential buyers, multinationals, etc.) The budget for your presentation. The available equipment, (tables, chalkboards, projectors, computers, etc.), know what equipment you will need. The purpose of your speech, make sure your visuals go along
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Unformatted text preview: with the purpose of your speech. ORAL PRESENTATION To improve your oral presentation, rehearse your speech a number of times before you give it, practice before a mirror, and use a tape recorder. If possible, give your speech to a small group of friends, ask them to assess your: • Poise • Eye Contact • Voice • Gestures • Speaking Rate Your voice should be conversational, confident, and enthusiastic. Avoid a monotonous sound at all costs and vary your pitch and intensity. Judge the quality of your voice and monitor the volume and rate of your speech. Are Visual Materials And Oral Presentation you shrill, nasal, raspy, breathy, or growly? If so, adjust your speech as needed....
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com130 wk3 Checkpoint - Visio - with the purpose of your...

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