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Successful use of a graphic design or visual element in a technical document will increase a reader’s comprehension of the information or data. Sometimes words can be just words to a reader, by including a chart, graph, or drawing the understanding and retention of the subject matter can be increased. Graphics allow readers to view differences or view comparative data at a glance. A well crafted graph or chart will enable readers t understand and comprehend the information without the need for excessive explanation. Adding graphics to documents can make the material more attractive and visually appealing. Graphic or visual elements that can be added to technical communications include bar charts, line graphs, and pie charts. Bar charts are a common type of graphic element, used in wide variety of materials from academic books to magazines. These charts can be horizontal or vertical and use
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Unformatted text preview: statistical data. Bar charts show qualities of items compared at either the same or different periods. Line graphs show changes in two values, such as a change over a period of time. These are fairly easy to understand and create, and are valuable to show trends. Pie charts are common and universally understood. The whole represents 100 percent and each segment of the “pie” indicates the percentage of each part related to the whole. A technical writer must consider what data would be better understood by their audience with the use of a graphic or visual element. It is important to be aware which types of design element would be best for the information or comparison to be given or made successfully. Avoid trying to compile too much information into a single graphic; it could cause confusion for the reader....
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