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I viewed and participated in a presentation conducted to help you quit smoking. At first I was looking forward to it and had an open mind to what would be discussed or demonstrated. The information was statistics that were turned into a kind of show. I stayed, listened, and participated until the end, at which time the presenters wanted the audience to purchase their products to aid in their success. When I left, I had made no purchases, stunk of smoke, and had less desire to quit smoking than when I went in. I would call this presentation a complete failure to me, as an audience member. The presentation would have been more powerful to me if I would have felt more credibility from the presenters. When the presentations turned into, if you purchase this product it will help you succeed, I became more skeptical. No guarantees but a lot of claims of success that you have to ask yourself, "are they real?" The presenters could have added more graphics to show overall success
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Unformatted text preview: of their product and method by individuals that used it correctly. Perhaps this was not possible without it being misleading, in that case it was correct of the presenters to not include misleading graphics. The graphics that were included in the presentation were statistical information relating to health issues of smokers. All of which were relevant to their purpose, but could not on their own support their product or service to me. It basically added to information that I already knew. The key elements I would consider in a presentation to my manager would be format, language, and use of visual elements for clarity. This type of professional presentation needs to convey the necessary information for my purpose clearly, to be complete, and written for understanding by my audience. I think it is important to balance written information and visual aids, too many graphics can make the presentation look unprofessional....
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