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Com135 Wk3 Letter Writing Techniques Checkpoint

Com135 Wk3 Letter Writing Techniques Checkpoint - Letter...

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Letter Writing Techniques Checkpoint The purpose of this checkpoint is to describe the different strategies and techniques used in writing a good-news letter and a bad-news letter, to provide an example of bad news that might have to be delivered in a letter, and to explain which bad-news technique I would choose for this type of letter. The technique used in a good-news letter is to give the good news first. The introduction should state why the letter is being written and give the reader the good news. The discussion should explain to the reader what they did to deserve the good news and the conclusion should inform the reader what is next to come from you (the writer) or what is expected next of them. In a bad-news letter the technique used is to give the reader the bad news in a way that they can not refute the reasoning for the decision that has been made. However, delivering the bad news needs to done tactfully, without offending or insulting the reader and given in a positive way. Bad-news letters begin with a buffer, an opportunity to give
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