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ABC Networking 222 East Liberty Street Chambersburg, PA 17202 September 13, 2009 Mr. Arnold Richardson Framers Bank 900 Grayson Terrace McConnellsburg, PA 12121 Dear Mr. Richardson: The development of the Framers Bank online banking network upgrade is currently on schedule and within project parameters. The project status report emailed to you on September 10, 2009 reviewed progress as of that date. However, I received notification from our component manufacturer that equipment components needed for the continuation of the network upgrade have been discontinued. This will cause an unforeseen delay in the network installation, the components needed are essential to the correct operations of the upgrade. I am in the process of contracting a new manufacturer for the components, which will
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Unformatted text preview: delay the installation for up to 30 days. Technicians will continue to work on accessible areas of the networking project while the components are being manufactured. I will keep you updated to the project status in my next regular progress report on September 24, 2009. Completion of the Framers Bank online networking upgrade on time is important to us, upon receiving the necessary components our technicians will work diligently to improve production time and have the network in testing within 14 days of the original project completion. To discuss the networking project in more detail contact me directly at (717)111-2222, ext. 202. Sincerely, Bonnie Woodal Bonnie Woodal...
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