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COM135 wk7 Checkpoint - RFP Analysis - increases...

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Checkpoint – RFP Analysis The purpose of this checkpoint is to consider the purpose and components of the sample RFP and reply to questions about the web development project. The reason behind the web development project is to integrate new functions into their current website. The county wants to add new functions to improve private and public access while continuing to offer open access to public records. The tone of the proposal is formal and informative, it gives precise information on what is required. Perhaps a RFP from a nongovernmental agency would have more information on programming requirements and less about legalities, although these are important as well. Requirements listed for the site development include user friendliness and usability, meaning that the site will be easy to navigate for the user. The addition of electronic business at the site allows users to pay fees or taxes and purchase licenses, which
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Unformatted text preview: increases convenience for the user. Security features are required, to provide security with firewalls and encryption as well as secure site maintenance. The RFP submitting requirements state that the proposal package must be delivered to the Clark County Purchasing Department by 5pm on February 25, 2000 and that the proposal needs to contain seven copies or the proposal will be disqualified. Meeting the requirements shows the county that the writer of the proposal follows guidelines and is able to meet deadlines. The county’s needs are clearly and concisely communicated. There are a lot of details that were organized and presented to explain the necessary components and features desired. The county wants to improve their existing website to be user friendly and adaptable to future improvements and updates....
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