crt205 wk1 assignment - supporting a position

crt205 wk1 assignment - supporting a position - I already...

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I already had a position on the issue of capital punishment prior to this week’s assignment. After reading the St. Petersburg Times article and listening to the radio interview with legal analyst Dahlia Lithwick I have gained information to think about but I have not changed my position. I think that the United States should continue to use capital punishment. There will always be those advocating for human rights and arguing that capital punishment is inhumane. I think about the victims of the crimes and not the comfort of the prisoner who committed them. Who is advocating for the human rights of the victims? I consider the inhumanness involved in the victim’s injuries or death. I also can not forget that in order to be sentenced to the death penalty, the prisoner must have been found guilty of the crime to which they were accused. I understand that there are mistakes happening and that is unfortunate and needs to be fixed. In the case used as an example of Mr. Diaz, it is that the person administering the
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