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CRT205 wk3 assignment - analyzing credibility

CRT205 wk3 assignment - analyzing credibility - CRT-205...

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CRT-205 Critical Thinking, Week 3 Assignment: Analyzing Credibility Resource: “Giuliani Remembers 9/11” news clip https://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/axiauop/crt205r2/videos/cnn_larryking_giuliani.html Part One: 100-200 words I could not determine who paid for the news clip segment. The transcript indicated that there was a commercial break prior to the Giuliani segment. A portion of the programming cost would be paid for by the advertisers shown during the commercial break. Since the video did not show the commercial break I can not determine if there would be any underlying bias or slant caused by a particular advertiser or sponsor. The transcript did not list the sponsors of The Larry King Live show, however, it is aired on CNN and Larry King is a CNN anchor. Many of the answers given by Giuliani are based on how he felt then in 2001 compared to at the time of the interview in 2006. Responses consisted of what he thought would have happened in response to the tragedy and whether his predictions at the time were accurate. I think a secondary opinion conveyed in the interview is that the plans for the memorial have been taking too long. It had been five years and the plans for the memorial could not be confirmed as “finally in place.”
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