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CRT205 – Critical Thinking Week 3 Checkpoint Part 1: Argument Credibility Story Title: New monkey discovered in Brazilian Amazon Source Name: Yahoo News, Reuters Story link: This article claims that a new species of monkey has been discovered in the Amazon rain forest. This claim does not conflict with my personal observations about the subject. If a new species of animal were to be discovered, I believe the Amazon is one place in the world to find it. There is so much of it that is vast and unexplored; I would not be surprised more varieties and subspecies of animals are found in the future. This article contains information from the Wildlife Conversation Society. My background knowledge on this group is that the group acts for the conservation of wild
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Unformatted text preview: lands and the saving of endangered wildlife. This includes monitoring of animals for habitat numbers and urban development impact. The author of the article is Stuart Grudgings. This reporter does not appear to have any direct expertise on the subject; however, the information was obtained from a reliable source and included detailed information about the finding. After reviewing other types of articles written by this author, I found that the author reports on various world crime, politics and human interest. The articles are mostly about events occurring in or around Brazil. I did not find the reporting to be biased and find it trustworthy....
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