ETH125 checkpoint - wk1 defining race and ethnicity

ETH125 checkpoint - wk1 defining race and ethnicity -...

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ETH/125 – Cultural Diversity Week 1 Checkpoint – Defining Race and Ethnicity Bonnie Woodal, 11/10/2009 To me, race and ethnicity are the physical and cultural differences that separate and distinguish different minority and majority groups from each other. I think that physical characteristics such as skin color and facial features are used to determine a person’s race. I do not believe that a person’s race should define the person that they are. With that being said, there are many outside influences that can affect a person’s views and opinions in regards to race, some are positive influences and others are not. Ethnicity of groups is determined and recognized by cultural traits and differences. Things such as
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Unformatted text preview: language, cultural traditions, association, and worship distinguish one ethnicity from another. In US society race and ethnicity are part of social construction, value and importance based on the differences between the different groups varies based on predetermined judgments about the social groups. Structure of groups, identified by class, can be fair and without bias based on race and/or ethnicity, or can be unfair and biased by prejudice, discrimination, or segregation. Many laws have been written to protect people from racial and social bias, to provide equal opportunities to US citizens regardless of race or ethnic background. People should not be judged by class, race, religion, or ethnic background....
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