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My most significant strengths are: My courage, to rise above personal failures and look forward to my future, to be able to take control of my life again and reprioritize my goals. I was able to recognize what no longer worked in my life and evaluate what kind of changes I would have to make to be able to strive for my new goals in life. My integrity, I strive to be honest and trustworthy in all aspects of my life. I would be described as an honest, sincere, and dependable person. I am hard working, always giving 100% to my job at hand. I hold myself personally accountable for my results and strive to exceed goals. I have improved in my organizational and goal setting skills, as a result of becoming organized for school I have also become much more organized altogether. My priorities and goals are set to achieve my personal best and for me, being organized is an important part of achieving my goals.
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Unformatted text preview: I have gained this strength because I used to live a very disorganized life without much care for goals. • I have always had a strong dedication to individuals whom were important to me, to strive to aid in their success and happiness. Being dedicated to what I do and improving my performance and quality of work have come second nature to me. I have turned that dedication inward and have made a pact with myself to be diligent to remain dedicated to my studies and education, to be successful in my future. My answers show that my education is a personal goal that is most important to me. My life choices have brought me to this point, reevaluating my life and goals for my future have brought me here to this point of my education. I have learned how to learn from failures in my life and move on. I am taking steps to improve my life and future and my life choices reflect that dedication....
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