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Assuming you have opened the simulation and printed this worksheet and the Mineral Identification Job Aid, do the following: 1. Conduct all tests on the minerals in the virtual lab. Minerals in the virtual lab are numbered 1-7. Keep track of which mineral you are working with as you record your observations. 2. Record your observations of each test in Part 1 of this worksheet. Help : Refer to the job aids in the upper right corner of the test screens to help you interpret what you observe. 3. Identify the minerals by comparing your observations with the Mineral Identification Reference Sheet. Write the name of each mineral in Part 2 of this worksheet. Help : The minerals in the virtual lab are numbered to conceal their identities, but the minerals will include seven of those listed below. To help you identify them, refer to the Mineral Identification Job Aid. Borax Calcite Corundum Graphite Gypsum Orthoclase feldspar Pyrite Quartz Talc Topaz 4. Post Part 1 and Part 2 in this worksheet as an attachment to your Individual forum. Delete the introductory instructions in this worksheet before you submit it to your instructor. GLG 101
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SCI245r5_appendix_c_mineral_identification_worksheet[1] -...

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