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I read How to Clean a Fish and Cochlear Implants these essays are expository because they go into a detailed situation with facts on how to or events leading up to present day. The essay on Cochlear implants was in a time order because it went through its history while the cleaning a fish essay went in an informative process because it with went through the details of how to clean several different types f fish in detail. I believe the author’s chose their particular way of doing it so it made for effective details and reading into the matters in which they were writing. I think the way the authors chose to write the essays
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Unformatted text preview: was the most effective for their topics I do not feel another way would have been as effective as the ones they chose to write each topic in. they are the same because they both are written in a specific order from beginning to an end. The difference in the in one is written in a time line from beginning to end. The other is in a how to do from the first step to the last step in an order to explain exactly out to get from the start to the ending of it....
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