Acc624_CPAExcel_mapping_S11_1_11_11 - ITRC 1 Risks&...

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Mapping of CPAExcel lessons to Acc624 lessons Acc624 schCPAExcel lesson ITFS 1 Intro to Data, Software and Databases ITFS 2 Intro to Hardware ITFS 3 Transaction Processing ITFS 4 Multi-Location System Structure ITFS 5 Computer Networks ITFS 6 E-business and e-commerce ITFS 7 System Types by Activity ITFS 8 System Types by Data Structure ITFS Corporate Governance and Internal Control CGIS 1 Corporate Rights, Responsibilities, and Authority CGIS 2 Types and Principles of Accounting Control CGIS 3 The COSO and COSO ERM Models: An Introduction CGIS 4 Risk Management Policies and Procedures IT Risks and Controls
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Unformatted text preview: ITRC 1 Risks & Controls in Computer-Based Accounting Systems ITRC 2 IT Functions and Controls Related to People ITRC 3 Physical Access Controls ITRC 4 Backup Controls ITRC 5 Data Controls ITRC 6 Application Controls I: The Program Library and Documentation ITRC 7 Application Controls II: Input Controls ITRC 8 Application Controls III:Processing and Output Controls ITRC 9 Identity and Authentication Controls ITRC 10 Encryption and Secure Exchanges ITRC 11 Disaster Recovery, Organizational Continuity Planning, and, Controls over End-User Computin g and in Small Organizations...
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Acc624_CPAExcel_mapping_S11_1_11_11 - ITRC 1 Risks&...

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