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MGT 641 Legal Issues in the Accounting Profession Fall 2010 This course will be taught in three modules. We will cover approximately two to three chapters per week; however, some weeks we will cover a little more or less depending upon the subject, the amount of class discussion/questions, academic holidays, etc. You should try to stay ahead in the reading to the extent possible. The following schedule is subject to oral/written modifications of the instructor. You should be in class (on time) and/or check Blackboard for any modifications of the schedule. Module 1 : Contracts (Chapters 1 - 10)
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Unformatted text preview: Real Property and Landlord-Tenant Relationships (Chapter 32) Exam 1 covering Module 1 material September 28 Module 2 : Agency (Chapters 30 & 31) Business Organizations (Chapters 22 29) Professional Liability (Chapter 34) Exam 2 covering Module 2 material November 2 Module 3 : Sales and Leases of Goods (Chapters 11 - 14) Negotiable Instruments (Chapters 15 18) Debtor-Creditor Relationships (Chapters 19 - 21) Wills and Trusts (Chapter 33) Exam 3 covering Module 3 material Finals Week...
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