FIN 645 Syllabus

FIN 645 Syllabus - FIN 645: Corporate Investment and...

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Unformatted text preview: FIN 645: Corporate Investment and Financing Policy Fall 2010 Professor: Dr. Chris Clifford 445L Gatton College 859-257-3850 (office) [email protected] Office Hours: Thursday 5:00 pm, or by appointment Course Website: All course material will be available on Blackboard. Please check Blackboard prior to each class for new course materials, current event articles, etc. Course Description: This course will serve as an advanced examination of corporate finance. Students will be exposed to both fundamental theories and real-world applications in financial management. Particular focus will be paid to the investment, financing, and payout decision of the firm. The investment decision involves the evaluation and selection of projects that will add value to the firm. The financing decision involves the selection of the appropriate mix of contracts to finance the projects chosen through the investment decision. The payout decision deals with various options the firm has to distribute the free cash flow to its owners – the shareholders. Mastering the theoretical foundation of these decisions and learning to apply these concepts when dealing with ambiguity is the basis...
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FIN 645 Syllabus - FIN 645: Corporate Investment and...

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