Trials of Socrates 26-36

Trials of Socrates 26-36 - Steven Seage Trials of Socrates...

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Unformatted text preview: Steven Seage Trials of Socrates pg 26-36 Summary Socrates is speaking by himself and says some alarming things right off the bat. He says, "They have said little or nothing true". This is a direct attack against the competency of his lawyers. He also says that he trusts his own judgment way better than anyone else's. This is the first time Socrates has appeared before court even though he in 70 years old. Many people have accused him of corrupting the youth and now the trial has begun. However, Socrates has a reputation to uphold. He is a thinker, an investigator, and a wise man. He then says that sometimes to be right you must fight alone, which he is doing now. He then goes on to talk about the lawyers that think they are so wise, but in fact they are not. He also says that he likes to read poems to start his thought process of philosophizing, He talks about craftsman, and what their role is in society. He then says that in the next part of his oration he will try and prove that it is Meletus, the lawyer bringing the suit against him, who is guilty of messing with the sensitive matters at hand. ...
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