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-1 PsychSim 5: SOCIAL DECISION MAKING Name: Laura Johnston Section: Modules 55 - 58 Date: December 6, 2009 This activity contains a simulation of two classic “social trap” games used in research on competition and cooperation. Social Decision Making As you look back over the past several days, can you think of a decision you made that affected the lives of other people, either in a small way or an important way? Describe it briefly. I have made a decision that affected the live of another person in a small way. I was out shopping for Black Friday and the man behind us had a Target ad that I could use to price match a movie that I was purchasing. It also could be used by the group of girls that I was talking with in front of me. In exchange of use of the Target ad, we let him move ahead of us in the line. He was able to check-out faster and escape the Black Friday buzz and I was able to save the money on the price match along with the group of girls in front of me. Decision Environments
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Social Decision Making - -1PsychSim 5: SOCIAL DECISION...

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