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Get Smart - Verbal Subtest Vocabulary Test to define words...

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PsychSim 5: GET SMART Name: Laura Johnston Section: Modules 29-33 Date: October 11, 2009 This activity will explore the concept of intelligence and some of the methods of measuring intelligence. Intelligence and Adaptability o What does it mean to say that intelligence is a social construct? Social Construct is a concept that humans invented in order to explain individual differences and not an actual trait such as blood type or height that can be measured objectively. o What do two children from dramatically different cultures (a boy working on an arrow and a girl working on a computer) have in common? While their actions look as different as their clothing and settings, these children have much in common. They are working to perfect skills their societies deem important to become intelligent in their cultures terms. Verbal vs. Nonverbal Abilities o Describe one verbal and one performance subtest of the WAIS.
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Unformatted text preview: Verbal Subtest - Vocabulary Test, to define words Performance Subtest - Object Assembly, to arrange puzzle pieces to form a picture Multiple Intelligences o Name and describe four of Gardners eight intelligences. Lingustic Intelligence - to have word smarts Logical Mathematical Intelligence - to have number smarts Spatial Intelligence - to have space smarts Musical Intelligence - to have music smarts o Match Sternbergs three intelligences with their descriptors: o __C __ Analytic A. Problem-solving in everyday tasks o __A __ Practical B. Problem-solving in novel tasks o __B __ Creative C. Problem-solving in structured, well-defined tasks Emotional Intelligence Define emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to perceive, express, understand, and regulate emotions....
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