Cognitive Development - -1PsychSim 5 COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT...

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-1 PsychSim 5: COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Name: Laura Johnston Section: Modules 8 - 11 Date: September 20, 2009 This activity describes Piaget's theory of the growth of intelligence and simulates the performance of three children of different ages on some of Piaget's tasks. Schemas What are schemas? A schema is how we make sense of the world by organizing what we know into a mental framework. Explain the difference between assimilation and accommodation. Assimilation means we incorporate new experiences into our own existing framework of understanding. Accommodation means we have to adjust our old frameworks because the new experience doesn’t fit into the original framework. Suppose that a 15-month-old toddler has learned to call the four-legged house pet a "doggie." What do you think would happen if the child sees a horse for the first time? Is the child likely to call the horse a “horsie” or a “doggie” or a “doggie-horse” or some other term? Write your best guess in the space below, and add a sentence explaining why you think the child would use that term to refer to the horse. I think that the child would call the animal horsie.
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Cognitive Development - -1PsychSim 5 COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT...

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