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1 TC 100: The Information Society Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media Michigan State University Spring 2010 Instructor: Caleb Carr E-mail: [email protected] Office: Comm Arts 423 Office hours: Tuesdays: 10a – Noon Teaching Assistant: Julia Crouse Session 002 Discussion Leader Teaching Assistant: Jih-Hsuan “Tammy” Lin Session 004 Discussion Leader E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected] Office: Comm Arts 014 Office: Comm Arts 403 Office hours: Wednesdays: 3:30p – 4:30p Office hours: Wednesdays: 4p – 5p Teaching Assistant: Yan “Sonya” Song Sessions 001 & 003 Discussion Leader E-mail: [email protected] Office: Comm Arts 014 Office hours: Thursdays: 4p – 5p Class hours: Tuesdays, 12:40pm – 2:30 pm & discussion section Class Room: B104 Wells Hall Discussion Room: 151 OR 155 Communication Arts OR 1234 Engineering (check your section number on your course schedule) Course website: (You are required to check ANGEL at least twice every week) Required Course Materials: 1. Straubhaar, J., LaRose, R., & Davenport, L. (2009). Media now: Understanding media, culture, and technology (6 th ed). Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth Publishing. 2. Houghton, P. M., Houghton, T. J., & Pratt, M. M. (2009). APA: The easy way ( 2 nd ed). Flint, MI: Baker College. Course Objectives 1. To learn the historical development of the media industry, including newspapers, radio, film, television, and the Internet 2. To learn about the concept of information society and its economic, political, and social implications
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2 3. To be informed about the social and policy issues affecting the information society. 4. To be critically aware of the effects of information and communication technologies on yourself, other individuals, social institutions and society. Course Requirements Visit the course website, located at at least twice every week. ANGEL will have a copy of the syllabus, as well as selected handouts and readings. In addition, class announcements may be posted on ANGEL. Do all the readings listed in the syllabus. Attend both weekly lecture and the discussion sections. Post assignments in the appropriate ANGEL drop box. Workload and Grading Grade Point (portion) Breakdown Exams: 600 (200 points each) Online Assignments: 150 APA Exam: 150 Group Presentation: 100 Extra credit opportunity: 50 (maximum) Total: 1000 (+50) * I do not grade on a curve. I will give as many 4.0s, 3.5s etc as are earned. Each of these assignments will be explained in more detail below. Final Grade Assignment 4.0 900-1050 3.5 850-899 3.0 800-849 2.5 750-799 2.0 700-749 1.5 650-699 1.0 600-649 0.0 0-599 Exams (60%): There will be four exams during the semester. The first three are not cumulative, and cover the materials preceding each exam. The final (fourth) exam is cumulative, and will reflect work done throughout the semester. The exams will cover all available material (readings, presentations, and lectures). The exams may be made up of multiple choice,
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tc100SyllabusSS10 - TC 100 The Information Society...

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