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EHS 230 Syllabus

EHS 230 Syllabus - p Daniel Las'sanske Professor CALIFORNIA...

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Unformatted text preview: p\ Daniel Las'sanske, Professor CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY SAN LUIS OBISPO EXPANDED COURSE OUTLINE wal U lwetlls I. CATALOG DESCRIPTION . , , l __‘—_—_— QEV'WUJ ‘\=\. QC\\;&(\UZ-z EHS 230 - Environmental Horticulture (4) For non-horticulture majors. Information and recommendations for the horticulture consumer. Methods of propagation, planting, soils, fertilizers, pruning, lawn planting, landscape maintenance, pest and weed control,- landscaping principles, and identification and care of . Ornamental plants. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. ll. REQUIRED PREREQUISITE PREPARATION None. Ill. EXPECTED OUTCOMES A. Have a basic understanding of the factors affecting plant growth. B. Identify and manually do simple methods of propagation. C. Understand and be able to perform such operations in growing plants as preparing soil, potting, watering, fertilizing, and pruning. D. Have a working knowledge of home landscaping principles and be able to select, plant, and maintain trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and house plants. E. Be able to install and maintain a lawn. F. To identify by botanical and common name approximately 50 ornamental plants. The objective of this course is to provide the information and experience necessary to: G. Design and install simple landscaping plantings. H. Successfully grow outdoor plants at your residence. I. Grow house plants successfully. J. Be a wise horticultural consumer. Lassanske/ZSO/Course Outline ...
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