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Trials of Socrates 35e - 42a

Trials of Socrates 35e - 42a - He then examines the thought...

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Steven Seage PHI 2010 Professor Dobson 2/4/08 Summary 35e – 42a He says that he lost only by a slim margin – 30 votes or so. He knows that He is being punished unjustly and then goes on to tell them how the city of Athens will be punished for this. Socrates addresses the jury and lets them know that he led a good life. He was a moral citizen and tried to perform the greatest good at all times. He cares about what any man of Athens cares about, but since he acts differently, he must be punished.
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Unformatted text preview: He then examines the thought thtat he might be exiled. However he quickly realizes that wherever he is the youth will come to see him speak. He then addresses the jury for a final time. He states that someone who goes against the grain is not always harmful to society. He gives Homer, the great Greek author, as an example. Finally he asks the jury to watch over his sons, so that they will be more interested in virtue that wealth....
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