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History 109-003 Survey of Islamic History Class Notes Islam means surrender to God and a Muslim who surrenders to it which gives inner peace in this life and safety in the next. Islam is the third monotheistic religion after Christianity and its origin is in Jerusalem. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is one God (Allah) and Quran is the pure word of God. They also believe that prophet Muhammad is the last prophet of Islam. Muslim is either born in a Muslim family or they take up the faith. According to Muslims everything that submits to God is Muslim. Human beings have a rational choice, which means that they have the power to decide which faith they should choose. Arab life in Arabian Peninsula Arabs living in the Arabian Peninsula are linked by a common language and ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: groups. They are not a race they are just ethnic groups. Arabs are not united by any religious identity as Arabs in that time were Polytheist and did not believe in after life. They believed in taking revenge and that revenge was the sole solution to most problems. Arabs believed in a sacred place called The Kabaah (which is now a holy place to Muslims all over the world). The Kaabah was a sacred place for Arabs where neither plants nor animals were harmed. Kaabah is a pre Islamic Polytheist shrine (400 idols were founding Kaabah). The Kabaah was built by Prophet Abraham and it was filled with idols to symbolize the submission to God. The Arabs only believed in Supreme god but they did not worship Him, instead they worshipped Idols....
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