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History 109-003 Survey of Islamic History Class Notes Who was Muhammad ? Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 CE in the year of elephant and in Mecca. He was born in the tribe of Quresh and soon was ruling the tribe as well as Mecca. Quresh were semi Nomadic and they had a business of providing water to the pilgrims in Kaabah. As the time progressed the tribe of Quresh recognized that they can become great Caravan leaders trading from Yemen and then to Syria (this is how thye basically got rich). Prophet Muhammad started to decline financially but he was still the member of the Quresh.
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Unformatted text preview: Prophet Muhammad’s first job was as a shepherd and he was trained to be in caravan trade business by his uncle. Prophet Muhammad, after receiving a meticulous training from his uncle started handling the major trades. Prophet Muhammad was famous for his generosity and his honest nature. Khadija was a rich widowed woman and also wanted to marry the Prophet Muhammad. Kadija and Prophet Muhammad got married Cave of Hira was the name of the cave where Prophet Muhammad used to meditate. Cave of Hira was the place where prophet Muhammad received his first revelation....
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