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Comm 101 - Final Study Guide - studyquestionsandkeywords

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study questions and keywords Communication Studies 101 Skate Life Skateboarders juxtapose themselves (or suggest a binary opposition to) what kind of teen boy? The “jock” type boy In elementary school, which boys are able to cross gender divides without repercussions? The boys who displayed a high level of athletic skills and were popular In what ways do skateboarders disrupt gender norms? They reject hegemonic masculinity but are still masculine Do not believe in emotional repression Do not value conformity What do skateboarders say about their relationship to masculinity? Dissatisfied with dominant notions of masculinity They are an alternative to masculinity that does not necessarily strip masculinity of its social power What are the core values in skate life? Freedom Individuality Self-expression Emotional, cooperative, and artistic expression of identity Transcendence What is the stereotype of skateboarders deployed in mainstream media? Aggressive Highly competitive group of adrenaline junkies Slackers Stoners Do these skateboarders consider skateboarding a way to escape pain or demonstrate their ability to feel it? It is a way to escape pain
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Communication Studies 101 What leads to skateboarders seeing themselves as outsiders? Skateboarders’ descriptions of transcendence pleasure and self-expression, individualistic though they may be, stand just outside the norm and give the lie to the caricatured angry or emotionally reticent male teenager who can express himself only through violence, competition, or sex Willful outsiders Are these skateboarders racially diverse? What is their relationship to racism/tolerance? They are generally white, male, middle-class, and heterosexual Their enactment and negotiation of masculinity serves as both challenge to and protection of power – clearly dissatisfied with the status quo but only with the limitations on their own lives Consciously and unconsciously exclude other races, women, and homosexuals How do skateboarding brands and skateboarders like Tony Hawk demonstrate their authenticity? What does it mean to be authentic? An authentic skateboarder is skating for his own reasons rather than to impress others Authentic skateboarding is about having fun Skateboarding brands and Tony Hawk are still authentic if they are skateboarding or making skateboard gear for monetary profit, as long as they exhibit a long-term commitment to the sport or demonstrate a working knowledge of it The brand needs to be appealing to the “core,” committed skateboarders will value it more than brands that appeal to newcomers Ceramic Uncles and Celluloid Mammies Contemptible collectables are usually made by and for whom? Made by white people for white people
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Comm 101 - Final Study Guide - studyquestionsandkeywords

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