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subjunctive study guide - Spanish 275 Study Guide...

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Spanish 275 Study Guide Subjunctive Present Espero que estudies I hope that you study Imperfect Esperaba que estudiara I was hoping that he was studying (would study) Present perfect Espero que haya estudiado I hope that he has studied Pluperfect Esperaba que hubiera estudiado I was hoping that he had studied Don’t use subjunctive with: Es verdad Resulta Esta claro Parece Es obvio Es cierto Es seguro Es evidente Creer ¿No creer que? Es que Quiere decir que ¿Es obvio que? (Etc.) USE subjunctive: ¿creer que? ¿Pensar que? Negar (dudar)que no negar (dudar) que Quien + imperfect subjunctive or pluperfect subjunctive Ojala que + present subj or imperfect subj Ex) i wish the weather is good (present) vs. will continue to be good (imp.) Quizás and tal vez + subjunctive (when there is doubt) Subjunctive II: Relative clauses
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1. When the anteecedent is hypothetical, nonexistent or unknown to the speaker a. Quiero comprar un automóvil que consum a poca gasolina 2. Refers to the future or whose outcome is unknown a. Le pediré dinero al primer amigo que me encuentre i. I will ask for money from the first friendo that I run into b. El hare lo que le digas i. He will do what you tell him Lo que A quien Que Al ___ que If it is a command, use subjunctive 3.
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