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FINAL STUDY GUIDE FOR READINGS Week 1- Women in Motion: The Politics of Health and Exercise Valdes: Ruminations of a Feminist Fitness Instructor - The world rewarded her for being a fitness instructor, not a writer or musician. She couldn’t make money working as a feminist writer and had to go back to fitness instructor. “The aerobics studio is one of the few places women let go of inhibitions and trust their bodies to move big.” She recognized the female obsession with thinness and fitness as an extension of the hurt we suffer at the hands of a patriarchal society that convinces us to hurt ourselves and keep us from the real business of our lives. Sternhell: We’ll Always Be Fat But Fat Can Be Fit: Everything in this world, for women, boils down to body size. We have to reclaim the right to have female bodies and still be respected. The body, threatened with famine, overcompensates and creates new fat cells when normal eating is resumed. The next diet will be harder. Better to be fat and healthy. Criossant-Schmit: Misplaced Focus: Assumptions about Sex Hormones and ACL Injury in Female Athletes : Focus on female hormones for the reason that women suffer 2-8 times more than women from ACL injuries. There is evidence of gender-specific training and conditioning disparities. There is a predominance of the disease model of sportswomen’s menstrual function. No evidence to hormonal theory, need to stop using male body as the standard, women and men may need to have different training and conditioning programs for male and female athletes in the same sport. Hanvey: Overcoming Obstacles : Female, lesbian police officer- seriously injured during a car chase. Thought she had no right to object to the medical professionals who were in charge of her care. Was treated as a psychiatric patient because her pain wasn’t taken seriously…turned out she had Lupus. “Illnesses affecting women receive less attention than those affecting men do.” Homophobic attitudes within the healthcare system must be eliminated. Gill: The Last Sisters: Health Issues of Women with Disabilities: “Women with disabilities may sometimes have complex needs, but failures to acknowledge their commonalities and similarities with other women marginalizes and isolates women who are struggling to see themselves and wish others to see them as women, not as genderless beings.” Need to overcome invisibility and genderlessness. Week 2- Reproductive Control
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