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Trials of Socrates 36-53

Trials of Socrates 36-53 - strong point here all he says is...

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Steven Seage Trials of Socrates Summary pg 36-53 Socrates is accused of corrupting the youth. The people who are accusing him give several reasons on why they think this is true. They say that Socrates does not worship the gods properly, he makes the weaker argument the stronger, and he is interested in nature. Three people have brought these charges against him – Meletus, Anytus, and Lycon. Socrates then goes on to try and defend himself against Meletus and the old accusers. He accuses Meletus of bringing something trivial to court. Meletus says that all Athenians except Socrates are helping the youth and educating them. Socrates then says that Meletus really doesn’t have any interest in helping the youth. He then defends against the accusation that he does not believe in gods. He really doesn’t make a
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Unformatted text preview: strong point here, all he says is that well I do believe in gods so there. He then goes on to say that he will always believe in the gods, but he will never stop philosophizing. Having said this he makes a case that it is against the gods to kill a man who is a good member of society. He makes the jury feel guilty for thinking about putting him to death for such small crime. Socrates loves Athens and he does not want the jury to end him time there. Socrates says there is one thing that can prove his innocence in making a living from his philosophy. This is the fact that he is dirt poor. He then makes some closing remarks and turns it back to the jury....
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