Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Most important in the box=motherboard (land)...

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Chapter 4 3x5 card. Bring #2 pencil Everything in bold in the book Defragmented = faster Archieveing is when data that is no longer used on a daily basis is stored electronically. Chapter 1 2 3 Information technology Information system=most imprt is a person Attidtude, imagination, critical thinking, Best practice- best way to do something Application- something ur doing App. Software---system software (difference) app.=something u do. System=does for you Handheld=pda=personal digital assistant=box Apllication software= doesn’t work without system software or an operating system Operating system(platform)—non prioritory = linux, open source as well Heiracrchy (tree) CACHE Spreadsheet= most important is what it analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Most important in the box=motherboard (land) CPU is attached to the motherboard Clockspeed= measure speed of a computer in gigahurts Primary=ram (working space) Secordary= hardrive (non-volatitle) doesn’t need energy Pits and lands on a cd. CMOS chip has firmware BIOS (basic input output system) (no human interaction) Input vs output device (translation) Operating system can easily multitask-resonsible for reading and writing on a disk CPU Cache work? Virtual work? GUI Hierarchy (tree) TCP/IP (difference) Device drivers to help printers and what not work (plug and play) Embedded operating system------like a blackberry LAB...
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Chapter 4 - Most important in the box=motherboard (land)...

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