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exam 2 SG - CIS 105 Exam Two Study Guide Fall 2008 McCarthy...

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CIS 105 / Exam Two Study Guide / Fall 2008 / McCarthy Chapter Five Understand the difference between Application and System software. Application is programs that enable you to do something useful with the computer, such as writing or accounting System is all the software used to operate and maintain a computer system, including the operation system and utility programs Understand what productivity suites are. Software suites, a collection of computer application programs of associated functionality that share a common graphical user interface and the capacity to smoothly exchange data with each other Understand what a GUI is. Graphical user interface, an interface between the operating system and the user. Most popular of all user interfaces but also require the most system resources. Understand the different parts of a desktop. Photographic image or corporate logo chosen by the computer’ s user, icons, windows, menus, ribbons, toolbars, folders Understand how system software runs multiple processes. Presented in windows, multiple windows that represent multiple applications can be used at the same time, multitasking Understand different components of a spreadsheet. Presents an interface in grid of information separated by columns and rows, often financial information that is capable of calculation and graphing ,and most importantly “what it” analysis Understand the difference between a word processor, spreadsheet, and database. Word = word applications
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exam 2 SG - CIS 105 Exam Two Study Guide Fall 2008 McCarthy...

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