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714 Chapter One Understand the definition of Information Technology- Is the study, design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer based information systems, particularly software and hardware Understand the definition of people and end users- Without people a computer is just a plastic box. People use computers and are called the end-user. Computers aren’t smart, the people make it smart. Understand the definition of computer competency- The knowledge that enables a person to understand something, in this case, a computing system and its relationship to business. It’s the paramount to success in business. Attitude (towards information technology plays a pivotal role towards gaining computer competency) Imagination (A computer should never be thought of as a mysterious box with a mind of its own, it is plainly a tool whose boundaries are only limited by the imagination and ingenuity of its user) Critical Thinking (a way of thinking that involves analysis and evaluation) Understand the definition of best practice- A management process, technique, or method that is most effective at arriving at a desired outcome, or best outcome than any other process. The best way to do something and remember how to do it for future reference. Understand the definition of a computer application- Computing something with a practical use and expected outcome. Something YOU are doing. Application system does it for you. Understand the definition of people’s role in an information system- Are by far the best resources when learning a computing system Understand the definition how Moore’s Law works- Computing power doubles every eighteen months and that prediction still holds true today Understand the definition the types of computers and their roles in information technology- Mainframe(process and store data), Midrange(smaller version store data), Microcomputers (desktop, laptop, handheld). Mainframe and Midrange computers play huge role because they millions of people use credit cards daily and
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study guide - 714 Study Guide for Black & White...

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