Beyond the Feature Film

Beyond the Feature Film - o In some cases the filmmakers...

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Beyond the Feature Film DOCUMENTARY FILM Distinct Alternatives o Some of the most basic types of film line up as distinct alternatives o We commonly distinguish documentary from fiction, experimental films from mainstream fare, and animation from live-action filmmaking o In each case, we make assumptions about how the material to be filmed was chosen or arranged, how the filming was done, and how the filmmakers intended the finished work to affect the viewer What is a documentary? o A documentary usually comes identified as such- by its title, publicity, press coverage, word of mouth, and subject matter o The label leads us to expect that the persons, places and events shown to us exist and that the information presented about them will be trustworthy o Every documentary aims to present facts about the world, but the ways in which this can be done are as varied as for fiction films
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Unformatted text preview: o In some cases the filmmakers are able to record events as they actually occur o But the documentary may convey information in other ways as well- through chrats, maps and other visual aids, or through staging o Sometimes events are staged to recreate an approximation of what might have happened, and sometimes filmmakers just let their subjects talk. Either way, the finished product is the result of subjective choice • Staging o Both viewers and filmmakers regard some staging as legitimate in a documentary if the staging serves the larger purpose of presenting information o Regardless of the details of the production, documentaries ask us to assume that they present trustworthy info about their topic o Still, documentaries many not prove reliable. Throughout film history, many documentaries have been challenged as inaccurate o...
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Beyond the Feature Film - o In some cases the filmmakers...

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