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Citizen Kane - Citizen Kane ORSON WELLES: Early Life o Born...

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Citizen Kane ORSON WELLES: Early Life o Born in Wisconsin 1915 o Started a career on the stage when he was still a teenager o Major success in the theater in the 1930s as both actor and director Theater Highlights o Welles stages a controversial but popular all-black production of Macbeth in Harlem o He formed the mercury theater with such famous actors as John Houseman and Joseph Cotton and staged a well-received Julius Ceasar set in Fascist Italy Welles In Radio o Active on radio, as an actor, director and producer o He played Hamlet, adapting and directing the play himself, and produced a seven week series out of Les Miserables o He played Lamont Cranston on The Shadow and brought his Mercury Players to radio as well The War of the worlds o 1938, On the radio as a broadcast, many believed the martion invasion o Many were terrified, but news stated it was just a broadcast o This launched welles to fame CITIZEN KANE IN FILM HISTORY Citizen Kane (1941) o Blackballed by William Randolph Hearst, on whom the movie was loosely based o In was a critical hit, but a popular failure upon its first release o 9 oscar nomination Kane’s Resurgence o Was a huge success in France in 1946 and was rescued by the French critics around the time of their development of the auteur theory, which they applied to Hollywood filmmakers o Since at least the early 60s, it has generally been considered the greatest of all films Why Study Kane? o From the moment of its appearance, Kane has been canonized, which means that it has been included in the list of films that are considered artistically accomplished and culturally important o It has formal innovation and a sophisticated relationship between form and content o It explores classical , universal themes o It can be considered subversive Authorship
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o In the 1960s, an authorship controversy was ignited over Kane by the influential film critic Pauline Kael, who had already publicly debated the concept of authorship with critic Andrew Sarris o
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Citizen Kane - Citizen Kane ORSON WELLES: Early Life o Born...

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