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city of god

city of god - colors and close ups in the 1996 film Romeo...

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A film that has a very unique style is Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann. This film is a musical and tells a story about a courtesan who is not suppose to fall in love but does anyway with the writer of the play they are performing. This film is very vibrant, crazy, and fast paced. What really make it stick out are the elaborate decorations in each scene. The colorful scenes show how happy and eccentric all of the characters are. There are also a lot of fast cuts to close-ups each time a person talks. This represents the fast pace structure each character is going through. My favorite technique used in the film is how it resembles a cartoon. For example, the scene where Christian and Satine are on the rough top, it rains glitter and the moon sings with them as they dance. This technique is very flashy and attractive to the film. Baz Luhramann uses most of these techniques in his films. He used the vibrant
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Unformatted text preview: colors and close ups in the 1996 film Romeo and Juliet. This shows his elements of style. For the film City of God, I completely believe that Katia Lund deserved to be nominated with Fernando Meirelles for the Best Director Oscar. Also, her work with the actors does constitute a significant contribution to the authorship and style of the movie. The two directors worked as a team and I believe it is unfair if one was nominated and the other wasn’t. When working with a team, both people contribute some action that changes the film. By working with the actors on the film, Lund helped make the movie flow and be a success. Without her help the movie probably would not have came out as it did. Meirelles should have recognized her work when he was nominated and had her name attached with his....
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