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critical anaylsis - school career. I have many experience...

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I read the review of the film Twilight by Roger Ebert. He believes this film is about two teenagers who are fighting for their love. Even though they are in love, they are trying to stay away from each other and practice abstinence. He stated, “If there were no vampires in "Twilight," it would be a thin-blooded teenage romance, about two good-looking kids who want each other so much because they want each other so much.” This shows how this movie is mainly about kids falling in love with the idea of love. However, Roger Ebert believes this film was greatly put together. He said it was “lush and beautiful, and the actors are well-chosen.” He believes that the movies is attracted to most of the younger generation, however it catches the attention of the audience more than a common “chick flick”. Critical Papers is something every student has to do in their college or high
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Unformatted text preview: school career. I have many experience with it through all of my English, and history classes. I feel like I am pretty good at creating ideas from my analysis of the film, article, or presentation. I love being able to find all of the hidden meanings through techniques in films are they way a author describes an object in a story. However, my toughest part in writing an essay is putting it all together. I have all the ideas and points I need, but I never find a way to make is flow easily and describe completely what I am saying. Also, another aspect I still need practice with is my editing. I am sometimes very bad with grammar, especially the use of commas. However, I have others help me edit my paper so I have an outsiders point of view to make it better....
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