Representation - Representation Gender and Sexuality...

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Representation: Gender and Sexuality Representation o Ability of texts (such as movies, books, paintings, etc) draw upon features of the world and present them to the viewer, not simply reflections but more so as constructions o The images do not portray reality inan unbiased way with 100% accuracy but rather ‘versions of reality’ o Influences by culture and have the capacity to shape culture Movie are historical o Movies are products of the time in which they are made o Even movies that seem contemporary or engage in classical universal themes that we can all relate to are part of a complex, historical and cultural context. No film, no matter how great or insightful escapes that context or rises above it. Who controls representation? o White men have controlled most in America Women and Power o Very few o Only 3 women in the history of the oscars have been nominated for best director Presence/Absence o The absence of something is as significant as it’s presence when considering representation o Want to look at whats not on the screen Representation of Gender and Sexuality in Film Concepts and theories o John Berger’s Ways of Seeing o Laura Mulvey’s theory of “the Gaze” o The mother/whore dichotomy o The active/passive split o Saving and punishing women o Beauty and the fragmentation of the body o The display of the male body o The punishment of the male body o Wounding and scarring of the male body
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Representation - Representation Gender and Sexuality...

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