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november class notes

november class notes - November 3rd 2009 Elderly Families...

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November 3 rd , 2009 Elderly & Families Social scientists have been trying to determine why some marriages fail and why some succeed Marriage equality is a subjective quality Marital stability refers to how a marriage ends o Ends only with a death of partner o Unstable marriage is terminated by one or both partners via divorce, separation, desertion Couples with high marital quality are more likely to stay married o Common sense conclusion is not supported by facts o Many seemingly low quality last until death o Many seemingly high quality end in divorce Louis and Spanier Marital adjustment is the degree to which couples fit together and satisfy each other’s needs, desires, expectations, or stated simply how well the partners get along with each other o Adjustment to roles: Nye looked at roles in contemporary families and found some have traditionally been assigned to the women, others to the man, and some to both. However, in recent years we see more sharing because rigid distinctions have broken down. Nye’s 8 Family Roles: Housekeeper Provider Childcare Child socialization Sexual Kinship Recreational Therapeutic o Scanzoni, “Spheres of Interest” Women = housekeeper and childcare, her spheres alone, power and responsibility were straight forward, easy to identify, women’s power was seen an legitimate, respectful, and beneficial Today, many spheres definitely overlap and it’s harder to determine who has the power in each sphere and often in relationships that can cause problems because negotiation is necessary to determine how the power and responsibility should be divided Adjustments must be made in other roles when one partner takes on a new role or discards a new
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one o Degrees of marital adjustment Dyadic adjustment = the adjustment of two people to each other, never completed, a continuing process throughout the family life cycle Total marital adjustment is made up of a number of elements Spanier’s Dyadic Adjustment Scale Measures elements Factors found to indicate the quality of a couple’s marital adjustment Self rating scale with four general categories o Dyadic Satisfaction – do you confide in your partner? Do you regret marriage? Describe the general degree of happiness? Questions about content o Dyadic Cohesion – how often to sit and calmly discuss something? Questions about sticking together o Dyadic Consensus – questions about agreement, how often do you agree on family finances? Household tasks? Leisure activities?
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november class notes - November 3rd 2009 Elderly Families...

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