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PP25 Burnout - Burnout Burnout Things to Know& Think...

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Unformatted text preview: Burnout Burnout Things to Know & Think About Things to Know & Think About Things to know: What is the difference between stress & burnout? What are the causes of burnout? What types of resources should be available at your worksite? How can you manage stress? How can you prevent burnout? Causes of Burnout Causes of Burnout Desire to help Desire Psychological conflicts Bureaucracy Pressure Low salaries Lack of resources Lack of support Lack Client pressure Client Stigma, discrimination, and status-ranking Hazards of the work Signs of Burnout Signs of Burnout Powerlessness, feeling trapped Hopelessness Emotional exhaustion Detachment Isolation Irritability Frustration Failure Despair Cynicism Apathy Workplace Resources Workplace Resources (What to look for…) Competent, proactive Competent, supervision supervision Understanding of organization Formal groups & informal peer Formal support support Varied work Opportunities for training Setting limits on self and others Stress Management & Stress Relief Stress Management & Stress Relief Group culture of self­ care & balance Long­term perspective Debrief Create support structures Put value on socializing, fun, humor, relaxation time as a group Burnout Prevention Burnout Prevention (What you can do!) Being aware of social change Securing basic & ongoing learning Selecting a field of practice Personal value system Healthy personal life ...
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