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Unformatted text preview: Theory & Intervention Theory & Intervention Things to know & think about Things to know & think about Things to know & think about: – What are the interventions we can take? – When should we use what? – What is the main theory driving any given intervention? Interventions Interventions Outreach Education/Information Skills training Assessment Case management Referral Psychotherapy/counseling FAMILY INTERVENTIONS Family support Family preservation Couples/family therapy or counseling Collateral therapy Multi­family psycho­ educational groups Psychoanalytic Theory Psychoanalytic Theory Conscious Id Unconscious Superego Ego Defense mechanisms Learning Theories Learning Theories Pavlov Watson Skinner – Conditioned response – Little Albert – Skinner Box Social Learning & Social Learning & Symbolic Interaction Theories Bandura – – – – – – Symbolic Interaction Symbols Roles Interaction Observing Imitating Reinforcement Social Exchange & Rational Choice Attachment Theory Attachment Theory Bowlby & Ainsworth 6 months – 2 years Social Development Model Social Development Model Principles: •Multicausality •Bidirectionality •Holism Family Bond Parent-Infant Bond Facilitating factors: •Ability •Opportunity •Rewards School Bond Peer Bond Social Bond Erikson’s Developmental Erikson’s Developmental Stages Integrity vs. despair Generativity vs. stagnation Intimacy vs. isolation Identity vs. diffusion Industry vs. inferiority Initiative vs. guilt Autonomy vs. shame/doubt Trust vs. mistrust •Socio­emotional tasks •Critical periods •Developmental delay •Fixation/developmental arrest •Regression •Family life cycle Other Theoretical Approaches Other Theoretical Approaches Humanistic Feminist Conflict – Gender roles are not genetic – Cope with subordination – Stereotypes More Theory & Concepts More Theory & Concepts Guiding Family Interventions Object relations Structural – – – – – – Introjection – Projection Systems – – – Salvador Minuchin Relationships Roles Boundaries Homeostasis Murray Bowen Differentiation Triangulation ...
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  • B. F. Skinner, Id, ego, and super-ego, interventions Interventions, Theory & Intervention Theory & Intervention, Psychoanalytic Theory Psychoanalytic Theory, Social Development Model
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