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Unformatted text preview: Juvenile Services & Juvenile Services & Delinquency Prevention Basic Structure Basic Structure OJJDP Department of Juvenile Services Region County Ineffective Prevention Programs Ineffective Prevention Programs The “old” DARE Scared Straight Boot camps “Adult” or “hard” time Effective Prevention Strategies Effective Prevention Strategies Education Recreation Community involvement Prenatal & early childhood home visitation Parent­child interaction training Bullying prevention Mental health & substance abuse tx Intervention / Treatment Intervention / Treatment Regardless of type of program or youth, intervention can lower recidivism rates by at least 25% No one form of intervention or treatment is the most effective for every youth Ineffective Intervention Strategies Ineffective Intervention Strategies Punishment “Adult” or “hard” time Increased surveillance alone Psychodynamic or unstructured counseling Home confinement Regular probation services Frequent drug testing Wilderness / survival programs, boot camps ??? Electronic monitoring Some Solutions Some Solutions Cognitive behavioral therapy Family therapy Family preservation Restorative justice ?????? Day treatment Residential treatment Group home Correctional facilities http://www.dsgonline.com/mpg2.5/mpg_index.htm Effective Treatment Programs Effective Treatment Programs Structured Intensive Specific behavior change Long term Involve the entire family Integrated, comprehensive, & multi­ modal Systems Change / Current Issues Systems Change / Current Issues General reform – Changes from the 1980s Continuum of care Wraparound program Disproportionate minority contact Tribal youth programs Internet crime / commercial sex exploitation http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/about/jobs.htm ...
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