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PP10 School Service

PP10 School Service - School Services School Services...

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Unformatted text preview: School Services School Services Department of Education (1867 & 1980) Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Title IV Who does what? Who does what? School social workers – – – School counselors MSW, focus on school social work Psychosocial, counseling & case management http://www.sswaa.org/index.html School psychologists – – – – MA in school counseling – Academic counseling, career guidance, student achievement – http://www.schoolcounselor.org/ MS or PhD in school psychology Testing for proper educational setting http://www.nasponline.org/ School Social Work School Social Work History: Visiting Teacher’s Movement Today: Public schools National Association of School Social Workers 1975 Individuals with Disabilities Act School Social Work Model Roles, functions & competencies Roles, functions & competencies Barriers to learning Counseling, theory, local referrals, culturally competent Special ed Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Counseling Case management Crisis intervention Conflict resolution & violence prevention School Counseling School Counseling History – vocational guidance counseling Current professional ID? American School Counselor Association Urban Problem Roles & Functions Roles & Functions Academic counseling Career development Personal­social development Classroom guidance Programs High risk students Educational reform School Psychologists School Psychologists National Association of School Psychologist Academic tests Evaluate intervention programs ...
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  • Spring '09
  • Grutzmacher
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